2. Championship of the Czech republic in mölkky

21/05/2013 07:03

Tournament Director:  Lubomír Vlk
Chief referee:             Ing. Milan Varga

Term: 7. 9. 2013
Place:  Popůvky u Brna
Start of registration:  9:00


2.The championship of the Czech Republic in mölkky will take place again in Popuvky, close to Brno, date: 7. 9. 2013, start of registration at 9:00.

Playing team composed of:  3 players + 1 reserve player (not compulsory).

We are going to announce the champion of the Czech Republic for the first time (the best team    completely composed of players from the Czech Republic)

Details will be available on our web sites at the beginnig of June http://www.molkky.cz/en/

                                                                                                Leoš Školoud
                                                                                  Sekretář Českého svazu MÖLKKY


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