3. Czech Mölkky Open

14/09/2014 19:45

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On Saturday, September 6, 2014, sports complex “HAMR“ in Prague Branik welcomed all participants of the 3rd Open Championship of the Czech Republic in Mőlkky game. The competition was organized by MŐLKKY Czech Association in cooperation with the main partner - Albi Czech Republic, a.s.

In total, 24 teams came to Prague to fight for victory in the tournament. Strong participation had traditionally teams from Germany (five teams), including last year's champion, the team “Men O 'Mőlkk“, and five teams from Slovakia. Among the competitors, we did not miss players from Serbia, France, Japan and Finland. Czech colors were represented by eleven teams, which competed to become the champion of the Czech Republic.

After the initial registration, the competition started. For the first time in its history, clay surface and the system of mutual matches were chosen. Teams were divided into four groups and then the top four teams from each group proceeded further in the competition. Further competition continued running play-off on three winning matches. Thanks to the system of playing till final position is known, all teams remained in play throughout.

Three Czech teams gradually fought their way among the eight best. Unfortunately, neither of them succeeded to advance over their rivals among the best four teams. The fight for the champion of the Czech Republic (which is the best placed Czech team in the competition) was played between the last year's Czech champion, Albi Mőlkky Team, and the team of young players from Opava Mőlkky Team. The Opava Mőlkky Team won the match and final 5th place in the tournament, and became the champion of the Czech Republic in the Mőlkky game.

The final duel occured between the teams of Men O 'Mőlkk (last year's champion) and SMA Alfa team from Slovakia. This final match showed that Mőlkky is the game full of thrill, twists and turns and emotion. In the first two games, the team of Men O 'Mőlkk had the upper hand, got two wins and needed to get the third decisive win. Therefore the team of Alfa SMA got under pressure, because if they wanted to continue, they had to win the third game. SMA Alfa actually succeeded and won the third and then the fourth games and leveled the match 2: 2. The final fifth game had to decide who will be the champion. In this last game, Slovak team of Alfa SMA defeated Men O 'Mőlkk, thus the Slovak team managed to turn the game and became the winner of the tournament. The team of Men O 'Mőlkk (Germany) got second place. Third place went to the team of Mőlkky Your World (Czech Republic / France) and fourth place to the team of VDM from Serbia.

At this point, I would like to thank all the participants of the tournament, the referees, the main partner of the event – Albi company, and all those who participated in the preparation and conduct of the championship. Finally, I would like to quote one of the participants: "Mőlkky is the best game of my life". So go ahead, throw and promote Mőlkky and let us gather more next year!


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